4.     You’re drinking calories

If you like to have an alcoholic beverage in the evenings then your diet needs to take that into account.

Alcohol contains seven calories per gram, and it’s also considered a toxin by the body, so it gets digested first. This means that other calories may be stored while your body deals with the alcohol.

So it really does count, even though it’s nutritionally useless. My advice: don’t drink in the week. On the weekend, one drink per day is the maximum.

When it comes to hot drinks, make sure you’re including your milk and sugar in your calorie counting. If you’re drinking a few cups per day, the calories add up quickly!

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If you’re drinking ‘energy drinks’ or ‘health drinks’ check the label… these are often full of sugars and sweeteners, and are actually HIGH in calories. If you’re thirsty, rather drink water. If you want an energy boost, grab a cup of strong black coffee.



5.     You’re cheating too often

If you really want to lose fat through dieting, then regular cheat days or cheat meals are a pretty bad idea.

Dieting is tough, and it needs to be if you want it to work. So for three months or so, don’t cheat, just diet. So, what if your friend is having a birthday tea? Go along, and enjoy it, but don’t eat any of the treats. Take your own diet-friendly snacks, or just skip eating altogether. Your presence is the important thing, not your consumption.

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