2.     You are eating too much diet food

If you are doing your chosen diet very strictly then one of the problems may be that you’re eating too much of the food that’s allowed on the diet plan.

And this could be true even if you have some system for measuring these things. You see, people always under-estimate portion sizes. So if you’re using anything other than a scale and a calorie counter, you’re probably eating more than you think.


3.     You’re ‘secret’ eating

Just because you eat something in the middle of the night and you don’t write it in your food diary, doesn’t mean your body doesn’t count it. If you’re eating in secret, or when you’re half asleep you need to regulate that somehow.

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Don’t keep any ‘banned’ foods in your pantry to tempt you. Ask your family members to keep you accountable. If they see you heading for the fridge or the pantry when you’re not meant to be, give them permission to say something.

A biscuit with your tea at work also counts. And a piece of cake for ‘Karen’s birthday’ also counts. For a diet to work you have to be 100% honest with yourself about what you’re eating ALL the time.


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