If you’ve been on a diet for some time (three weeks to six months) and you’re not losing any of the fat you are working so hard to shed, then you’re probably pretty frustrated…

And with good reason. I mean, why on earth is the fat not shifting?

Well, here are some things to consider that may just provide the answer.

1.     Are you REALLY sticking strictly to the diet?

The first thing you need to check is that you’re not kidding yourself. Are you ACTUALLY doing the diet? And if your answer is something like “Yes, but I cheat twice a week” or “Yes, but I’ve tweaked it a little”, then your answer is actually “No”.

You need to do the diet you’ve chosen the way the diet is meant to be done. Doing a KETO diet and adding bread is the same as not doing the diet at all. All diets require sacrifice, so find one you can do, and do it.

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