Veganism is gaining popularity in South Africa, with many people ditching meat in favour of plant-based alternatives

Some are concerned about their health, others about animals and the environment.

Famous vegans like Ellen Pompeo, Zac Efron and Bill Clinton are helping create awareness about veganism.

Changing your diet is not easy but with enough research and advice from a nutritionist, it can be an enjoyable experience.

Here are a few tips from famous South African vegans, to get you started


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Jay Anstey: The vegan traveller

Jay Anstey has been a vegan for years. Her favourite dish is vegan tacos. The actress embraces every aspect of veganism, including choosing not to wear fur or any clothing made from animal by-products. She famously called out Nandi Madida when she allegedly wore fur on the red carpet.

Jay loves to travel but finding vegan food on her adventures can sometimes be hard. But she has figured out a way to ensure her vegan diet doesn’t suffer during her travels.

“I always struggle to find decent food when I travel so I stay in places where I can make my own. I am vegan so trying the cultural food normally sucks,” she told IOL in an interview.



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Kerishnie Naiker: The vegan health activist

Kerishnie Naiker considers herself a health activist. She is all about healthy living and promoting natural solutions improving your health. Many people assume being vegan automatically makes you a healthy but as with any diet, it is all about making healthy food choices. Kerishnie’s motto is “honour your body and it will honour you”.

“I’m conscious of being mindful, aware and connecting to my subconscious thoughts. I honour and respect my body, and self, immensely. I don’t abuse my body with toxic consumption, be it chemicals, nicotine, alcohol, medicating for every ailment, etcetera,” the former Miss South Africa told Longevity magazine in an interview.


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Grant Nash: The compassionate vegan

Radio personality Grant Nash was a vegetarian before deciding to become a vegan in 2010. He told People magazine in an interview that his decision was a “humane spiritual choice”.

Education is key, and Grant did his research before adopting a vegan lifestyle.

“I’m a vegan for compassionate, environmental and health reasons… How strict am I as a vegan? I’m the whole hog… I believe animals are not resources. So, all of my food and clothes are plant based. My cleaning products are not and were never tested on animals. My personal hygiene products are also all plant based and never tested on animals,” he told the publication.




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