4.     Be productive

You know that list of things to do that never gets done? Well, next time you’re feeling down, or tired, or hungry, or stressed, try to do the simplest item on that list, and cross it out once it’s done.

The feeling you get from doing something that needed doing is a hugely positive one, and you’ll have forgotten about whatever it was you were feeling before, too.


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5.     Phone a friend

Hanging out with someone may not seem like the best option when you’re already feeling tired and hungry and miserable, but I guarantee it will help. Especially if it’s with someone you really care about, and someone who cares about you.

Have a coffee together and catch up. You’ll forget your previous feelings (or have some emotional support in dealing with them) and passing some time with a positive person will make you feel like you can keep pushing forward towards your goals.



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