One of the major reasons that people on diet tend to fail is that they feel hungry, tired, or frustrated… or all the above!

These are real feelings, and they are hard to ignore. It’s tough to feel like this without any ‘relief’ or distraction, which is why we tend to give in to the feelings. And when we give in, we eat. We eat a lot! Sound familiar?

How does one avoid this?

Well, ultimately, you need some ways to help distract yourself in those times where you’re feeling tired, hungry, and frustrated, and you need some strategies to keep yourself feeling positive the rest of the time, too.

Here are a few strategies to implement in your day that take less than fifteen minutes each.

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1.     The ten-minute walk

Doing a ten-minute walk is too easy for exercise purposes. Fortunately, this walk is not for the sake of exercise.

A ten-minute walk – especially after a meal – helps your digestive system deal with whatever it has going on at the time. This is good for your general dietary health, but is especially good if you suffer from energy drops after eating (which often leave us craving a sweet treat to boost our energy again). Walking in nature is also relaxing, so it’ll help with your high-stress lifestyle, too.



If you eat a big meal at night, take the dog for a quick walk around the block. If you suffer from an energy dip after eating lunch at work, recruit some of the other people in your office to take a refreshing walk together.

Time outside has even been shown to help your memory to function better. Bonus!

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