House singer and poet Busiswa has not said much about an abuse scandal which dominated headlines last weekend, but she has set the record straight and confirmed that she is not dating anybody

This admission came a week after she was trending after it was alleged that her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, DJ Kaygee, had beaten her up. Kaygee was also accused of beating up local rapper Marc who shared gruesome pictures of his injuries on social media. After seeing his name dragged through the mud, the DJ hit back by claiming that he had not touched Busiswa but had beaten up Marc after he caught him sleeping with his baby mama.

At this point it was unclear if the two of them were still involved, but after hearing his side of the story, a portion of Twitter users appeared to justify Kaygee’s rage. During all this time Busiswa was notably silent, although she did take a moment to assure her followers that she was safe.

However, after a week of speculation, the singer has now commented on the whole saga by revealing that, first and foremost: she doesn’t have a boyfriend right now. She wrote on Twitter:

Immediately after tweeting this a number of her fans jumped to her defence by declaring that she did not need to explain anything to anybody and that there was no excusing abusive behaviour.

Busiswa did not comment on the matter any further and it remains to be seen if she will press charges against the father of her child

It was rumoured earlier in the month that the DJ was blackmailing her by threatening to leak her explicit videos if she opened a case with the police:

DJ Kaygee has yet to respond to Busiswa’s latest update, especially considering that the entire premise of his story was that Marc was sleeping with his “girlfriend”.

In the meantime, Busiswa has urged her fans to leave this matter behind and start focusing on the most important aspect of her life: her music.

What action should Busiswa take against Kaygee for last weekend’s drama?