Bonnie Mbuli’s secret to healthy skin: Always wear sunscreen

Bonnie turned 40 in 2019 and looks better than ever. She credits healthy skin for her youthful looks.

“I have a three-step programme where I first cleanse my skin, then put on a moisturiser and then sunscreen.

“I know a lot of black women who don’t think they need sunscreen but it is very important because our skins are prone to pigmentation, and if you’re burnt by the sun it gets really tough to remove the pigmentation. So, make sure that you have a cleanser, a good moisturiser and an SPF,” she told the Sowetan in a 2019 interview.

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Basetsana Kumalo: Make healthier lifestyle choices

Basetsana as 40 when she fell pregnant with her third child. Losing the baby weight was not easy but with the help of fitness consultant, Steve Mululu, she started a healthy eating plan and took up boxing.

“I have always been an advocate for losing weight naturally and prefer making healthy lifestyle choices… The results were remarkable, and in less than 12 months, I had reached my goal weight – and thoroughly enjoyed my workouts with my boxing trainer, Takalani Kwinda,” she told Move! magazine in 2016.



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