Choosing to bond, tech-free, will strengthen your relationship

From smartphones to laptops and iPads – our lives are full of screens. We spend our days typing away on our laptops, only to continue scrolling through our phones when we get home.

As we get caught up in the day-to-day, we tend to forget just how important time together with our significant other is.

We’re talking about intentional time with them, away from distractions, not time spent together in silence, scrolling through our phones

The downside of always being connected

Although the Internet has changed our lives for the better (hello, Google!) there is a downside to always being connected – a downside that impacts, most prominently, our relationships.

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  • you’re ‘there but not there’ when you do get a chance to spend time with your partner
  • your Facebook and Instagram feeds are more compelling than paying attention to your partner and what he or she has to say
  • you feel isolated and disconnected from your partner as a result of never ‘being’ together

…then your relationship could benefit from a digital detox.

Less screen time equals more happiness

Now, ‘digitally detoxing’ your relationship doesn’t mean that you need to ditch your phone completely. Like other detoxes, it simply means taking a break from your phone so that you’re not unnecessarily distracted by notifications or the lure of keeping up with other people’s lives, when you could be spending time with your significant other.

Switching it to silent, or leaving it in another room one evening a week will suffice.

Choosing to bond, tech-free, will not only strengthen your relationship, but also:

  • encourage you to explore healthier activities together, like taking a walk, starting an at-home exercise program, or learning to cook
  • help you avoid relationship comparisons (because they’re the thief of joy) that arise from those #couplegoal posts plastered all over social media
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