Container garden is a growing trend with people who don’t have space for a traditional garden. Here are five great decorative plants you can grow in containers with relative ease.

When building your container garden there are a few things you must think about: soil, drainage and container size are some of the most important considerations to make. This will also help you decide which plants to grow based on what you have.

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Fool-proof hydrangeas

Hydrangeas aren’t a high-maintenance plant and while they do like a lot of water, they don’t need much of anything else. They are also surprisingly versatile. While hydrangeas are commonly seen in shrub form, they can be grown as tree type plants that grow up to three metres tall.

Keeping hydrangeas in a pot can help you keep the soil moist at all times and also means you won’t be over-watering neighbouring plants.

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container garden
Photo by Rifqi Ramadhan from Pexels

A pot of roses

Growing a healthy rose bush can be complicated. Between the roses’ need for sunlight and their hunger for rich soil, having them in container seems almost ideal.

Growing roses in a container gives you control over the soil and positioning of your plant without affecting the plants growing with your roses which could have different needs.

container garden

Photo by Adrianna Calvo from Pexels

Angelonia are worth the trouble

Angelonia are delicate looking with a beautiful scent and they aren’t even nearly as high maintenance as they seem.

They are perfect in window boxes or pots near the door so you can enjoy the scent as much as possible when the flowers are in bloom. Because Angelonia grow best in full sunlight, a mobile container is a great idea, so you can move them into prime position with each season.

Ornamental peppers are good enough to eat

If you’re looking for dual-purpose plants, ornamental peppers are definitely up your alley. Ornamental pepper plants grow edible peppers that are orange and red, contrasting with the luscious green leaves beautifully.

Ornamental peppers enjoy rich, moist soil and full sun. Growing them just outside your kitchen door is very convenient for regular watering and quick pepper picking while you cook.

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Succulent succulents

Succulent gardens are a beautiful gardening trend both indoors and outdoors. Picking your plants, arranging them and watching them grow is exciting and fun. Leaving your succulent garden behind if you ever have to move house would be awful, but keeping it in a container makes it possible for you to take the garden with you wherever you go!

container garden
Photo by Mark Neal from Pexels