Every season is handbag season and there’s no better time to shop for handbags than right now.

We’d have a new handbag for every day if we had the money – and the wardrobe space. These five handbag types to complete any outfit are the next best thing.

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Dusty pink is our favourite kind of pink

It is no secret we love pink in any shade, but when it comes to handbags we really love dusty pink. Dusty pink is muted and tinged with an earthy tone which makes it a perfect match for any nude shade.

If you’ve been out sync with fashion trends for the past few years, first, welcome back, and second, all shades of nude are even more fashionable than ever before. Dusty pink is also a great match for earth-toned outfits and can give a touch of glamour to the trendy, but sometimes drab, monotone trend.

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The belt bag

One of the most acceptable takeaways from the ugly-fashion trend is the belt bag reform. We love the convenience that comes with the belt bag, and we also approve of how fashionable the bags have become.

If you don’t have much to carry and would rather have your hands and shoulders free from the weight of an overstuffed handbag, you’re going to need a belt bag this summer.


Bags gone wild

Animal print and animal skin is just one of those wild trends that refuses to completely leave. They’re also a tricky trend that can easily move into tacky territory if you haven’t done it just right.

A wild bag is the best way to rock this trend. Take a calculated risk by getting an animal skin or print bag in a classic shape and style.


An absolute jewel (tone)

If you’re going to do colour, jewel tones are the way to go for bags. Jewel tones not only match with each other but also go well with most deep colours.

Jewel tones also go famously well with black and white and can even class-up a monochrome outfit.


Get colour blocked

We aren’t over the colour blocking trend and to be honest it just isn’t one of those trends one simply gets over.

We may not be colour blocking entire outfits in brightly coloured anymore, but we’ll hold on to our multi-toned bags which obviously go with absolutely everything.

Colour-blocked bags make great everyday bags, so be sure to get yours in a size that accommodates your everyday wares.