Make sure every day is a good hair day by finding out what you’re doing to damage your hair colour – without even realising it!

There’s nothing like the feeling of leaving the hair dresser with freshly coloured and styled hair… there’s just no stopping you and world domination is moments away.

But all too often, in the blink of an eye, your hair colour has gone from all kinds of fab to all kinds of drab, and it feels like you’re already having to plan your next salon visit.

Find out what you’re doing to damage your hair colour without even realising it and prolong the life of those gorgeous tresses…

Get yourself a fabulous hat

You protect your body from the harmful UVA and UVB rays by lathering your skin with sunblock, but what about your hair?

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The sun has harmful effects on it, too, and is responsible for fading your colour way faster than it naturally would while also damaging your hair. Now that the warmer months are here (yay!), you’re bound to spend much more time in the sun, so accessorise your outfit with a fabulous hat – your hair will be forever grateful!

Stop washing your hair!

Ok, not entirely, but stop washing it too often. The more regularly you wash your hair, the faster your hair colour will fade – no matter how good or fancy your shampoo may be.

This is because the chemicals in the actual hair dye are pretty sensitive to water, so the more you wash it and expose it to water, the faster it will fade and become dull. If your hair gets oily quite quickly, make dry shampoo your best friend; that way, you won’t need to wash it as often.

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Keep it cool

We all know that heat is incredibly damaging for your hair, breaking the cuticle and damaging the molecules that make up each strand. Hair dryers, curling or straightening irons and hot showers are all guilty for destroying hair, and damaged hair molecules allow more water in which, in turn, aids in your hair colour not staying put. Limit your use of styling tools, use them on the lowest setting possible, and try use cooler water when washing your hair. 

Colouring it too often

Dye, upon dye, upon dye, upon dye… yes, it’s as bad as it sounds! You need to give your hair a decent amount of time between dye sessions; not only to minimise the damage the dye does to your hair, but to give yourself the best colour possible.

A good stylist won’t continuously dye over old colour, and will insist on different shades so that, for example, your blonde doesn’t become yellow – you just need to take their advice!

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Using the wrong products

Coloured hair requires some intense moisture to be put back into it, which means your standard shampoos and conditioners may not be the best choice.

Ask your stylist for suggestions on products to use that will suit your budget (you don’t need to spend a fortune – there are plenty of fab drug store options!), and be sure to regularly use a mask.