Phat Joe has once again come under fire after he facilitated a debate that took a wrong turn and sparked anger on social media

As the country continues to take a stand against femicide, Joe thought it would be beneficial to have a conversation around men who are also being subjected to abuse.

Even though the topic is very relevant in today’s society, listeners were upset after a man claimed that “women have too many rights”.

Instead of cutting the listener off, Phat Joe and the team continued giving him a platform.


Social media users flooded Twitter with comments about the debate with some labelling it “tone deaf”.

Last month Phat Joe apologised for offending the LGBTQ+ community by using a “derogatory and transphobic” word on his show

“When I used the word I was actually paraphrasing what Cardi B said. She used that particular word and I was chastising her for the message in her video. I did not know that the word was a no-no,” he said.

The radio personality claimed that many people still do not know what words have become offensive and brought an expert to his show to assist.