Lasizwe Dambuza is one of the hardest working young men in South Africa and this week he took a moment to reward himself for his incredible hustle

The reality TV star and Internet comedian has been securing the bag in just about every avenue of his career and although he’s had no trouble getting around in recent years (he was previously driving a red BMW 1 Series) he decided that now was the time to add a flashy set of wheels to his garage.

Taking to social media to share his good news, Lasizwe wrote, “I would love you to meet my new baby Blue Ivy! This car is a love letter to myself and wish nothing but great memories with it! Blue Ivy… to many road trips and Thank You for choosing me to be your owner #BoysWithBMWs”

In a brief interview with Drum magazine, Lasizwe explained that he chose to name his “baby” Blue Ivy because he bought it on Beyoncé’s birthday (September 4th if you’re not part of the Beyhive!).

The entertainer quipped: “I got the car on Beyoncé’s birthday and the colour is blue. So I was like okay wow, Beyoncé is clearly giving me a sign and I’m a Beyoncé, so I figured I should also name my child Blue Ivy.”

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Reports around the country confirm that Lasizwe spent between R650 and R700K on his gorgeous new ride, and many feel this is small change for the comedian due to his two-season deal with MTV for his reality show, Fake it Till You Make It

Lasizwe is also working with GAME stores and has been an ambassador for the fizzy drink Fanta along with his many other hustles. It’s safe to say that he’s one of the most in-demand talents in the country right now and if he continues on this trajectory, it won’t be long before he replaces this car with an even more expensive ride.

All this being said, you’d expect Lasizwe to be the happiest man in Mzansi but his recent tweets suggest that he’s got a bone to pick with broadcaster DSTV. The subscription provider has come under fire for removing his reality show from their on-demand service, Catch Up and Lasizwe believes its a conspiracy.

For some reason this incident reminds us of the old adage, “I’d rather cry in a BMW than laugh on the back of a bicycle”.

Do you think that Lasizwe should ignore the DSTV snub and enjoy his new car?