After an emotionally draining fortnight dominated by the discussion around gender-based violence, Gigi Lamayne has released a song which she hopes might make a difference during these troubled times

Although South Africans have been protesting against women abuse all year, the movement gained a lot of momentum last week.

Protests and rallies, sparked by a number of notable deaths including that of missing student Uyinene Mrwetyana, have taken place across the country and Mzansi’s celebrities are doing everything they can to lend their voices and platforms to the movement.

One such star is Gigi, who has not only experienced emotional and physical abuse, but also done her best to act as a voice for those who are unable to speak out. We saw evidence of this once again this week when the rapper and muso released a well-timed music video titled Koze Kubenini (‘How much longer?’) and from the moment we saw the artwork, we knew that Ms Lamayne had a strong statement to make.

We spoke to the rapper upon the release of the music video to find out how she felt about artists using their platforms to speak out gender-based violence and it came as no surprise to see that she took the responsibility very seriously.

“We are not politically affiliated, we stand as role models for young people, who remain impartial to politics, so it is really our obligation as young people with a will today to stand up against social ills.

“So when it comes to GBV, I as a woman of colour, stand against it and I’ve decided to use my platform to create something musical. We are standing up for a cause using the platforms that we have. This is wrong and this is how we can fix it.”

The star also touched on Wednesday’s #WithoutUs us protest, which has seen a number of women across the country staging stay-aways from work

“The protests that are currently happening are really important right now and it was important for us to drop the video on this day as well.

“Being a woman isn’t easy, raising women isn’t easy, and we want to emphasise that as a community we need each other”.

The video has already elicited a strong reaction from fans on social media and it could not have been more relevant in its timing.

Watch Gigi Lamayne’s Koze Kubenini video below and let us know if you think more artists should be speaking out against abuse.