Here are five go-to make-up tricks for looking great in photos

Thanks to social media, we take more photos of ourselves and our everyday moments than ever before.

And, while you could spend hours ‘primping and priming’ your make-up in order to look ‘photo ready’, what the camera picks up is not always the same as what’s going on in real life.

Think lifeless, washed-out-looking skin, racoon eyes and lips that pull a disappearing act…

What?! You could have sworn you looked better than that in the mirror.

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Here are five go-to make-up tricks for looking great in photos:

1. Prep your skin

It goes without saying, that great skin is the foundation of any make-up look!

Be consistent with your skincare regime; cleanse, tone, moisturise and don’t forget to remove your make-up at the end of each day.

Exfoliating is also a key step (and one we often skip) to achieving a smooth skin.

Once your skincare regime is on point, focus on choosing the right primer and foundation to perfect your flawless look:

  • Photography tends to pick up the smoothness (or not) of your skin – and incorporating a primer will create a smooth starting point for the rest of your look
  • While a glowing complexion is everything in person, on camera it can make you look super oily. So, if your skin type allows, opt for a matte foundation
  • Avoid foundations with built-in sunscreen – as they don’t flash-back well
  • Remember to keep your foundation minimal, so as to avoid a pasty, washed-out look

2. Highlighter & bronzer

Highlighter is like a real-life filter…

Brush your favourite highlighter over the top of your cheeks for an instant glow and liven up your eyes by dabbing some in the inner corners of your eyes.

Warm up your face by adding a dash of bronzer – which will keep your skin from looking flat and counteract the potential wash-out effect of flash photography.

3. Don’t be afraid to play up your brows

It’s all about your eyebrows – and the right set of brows can do so much for your face.

Don’t be afraid to fill out your brows one shade darker – which will enhance your features and balance out your make-up.

4. Avoid the racoon-eyed look

Your eyeliner and mascara may look fabulous straight after you’ve applied it, but that doesn’t mean it will stay that way…

Fast forward a couple of hours, and it might look like you’ve taken a snooze in your make-up – which is never a good look for photos!

Invest in an eyeshadow primer, opt for a liquid liner instead of a pencil liner, and try a waterproof mascara to avoid those unsightly smudged lids.

5. Plump up your lips

If you’re anything like me, and your lips tend to pull a disappearing act in photos, then you need to try plumping them up with some subtle contouring:

  • Trace the edges of your lips with a pencil that’s one shade darker then your lipstick
  • Apply your lipstick
  • Dab one shade lighter than your lipstick on the middle of your lips
  • Blend it in to blur the edges