Mesh fashion is one of spring/summer 2019’s hottest looks. Let us show you how to pull it off perfectly with our these top tips…

Warm weather is well and truly here! So if you haven’t started updating your look, what are you waiting for? Get ahead of the curve by rocking the mesh fashion trend. We show you how.

Decode the mesh look perfectly

The look is all about embracing sexy touches of sheer fabrics that show some skin. It’s sexy, chic and understated, creating the perfect stylish touch. This can take the form of full on net-like mesh garments which feature wider gaps and stitches that almost look crocheted.

Alternatively, you can nail the look with dual-textured items featuring finer, closely netted mesh cut-outs or touches.

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Opt for one mesh piece per outfit

The crux of the look is that less is definitely more. You should therefore opt for one mesh emblazoned piece per outfit. If showing too much skin makes you uncomfortable, you can opt for accessories that feature mesh touches instead such as shoes and handbags.

Experiment to add oomph to your look

While the look traditionally works best on black, white and neutral tones, this season anything goes. You can therefore embrace the look in an array of colours and prints to make the ultimate style statement. Stunning options include bold colours like red, purple and yellow as well as floral, geometric and animal prints.

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Play around with textures

This is the ideal look to add texture to your look because it offsets other elements perfectly. In fact you can take your outfit to a whole new level by pairing delicate mesh with more sense fabrics and detailing. Denim, leather, linen and tweed all work well. In addition embellishments such as beads, jewels and embroidery also look beautiful.