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Give your wardrobe a beautiful splash of vibrancy and ensure you’re in style with this list of must-wear colours for spring/summer 2019…

There’s no denying that warmer weathet calls for brighter, bolder hues and eye-catching patterns and prints – especially when it com to fashion. We’ve created a list of this season’s most stylish colours to help you look fabulous. Learn more now!

Blush pink is in

It’s time to embrace a soft, delicate pretty shade of blush pink. This hue is just a few degrees off nude and suits all skin tones and complexions. In addition, its appropriate for all age groups and imparts a feminine and delicate touch to your look.

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Yes to yellow

Embrace a touch of sunshine as things warm up by opting for bold, bright hits of yellow. The good news is that anything goes from softer buttercup shades to deeper daffodil hues. Steer clear of wearing yellow too close to your face if it doesn’t compliment your complexion.

Consider coral and orange

For a juicy look, you can’t go wrong with bold orange tones. But if orangle is a tad too daring for your tastes, then coral shades make the perfect alternative. They’re chic and eye-catching too.

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Gorgeous greens and bold blues

This season the most prominent blue and green tones feature richer hues such as jewel tones and peacock-inspired shades. Other chic hues include blue-green combinations such as aquamarine and turquoise. You can also opt for electrified neon hues from the same colour palette.

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Other hot colours

You can also select one of these beautiful colours to amp up your look for the season:

  • Silver and pewter
  • Navy blue
  • Olive green
  • Bright red colours
  • Deep purple shades
  • Pastel shades such as cornflower blue, lavendar and peach