Trevor Noah says the issue of fake news needs to be urgently addressed or we are “doomed”

The Daily Show host has weighed in on the xenophobic attacks taking place in South Africa, in which at least 12 people have died, and scores of foreign-owned businesses have been looted in the past few weeks.

Several fake video clips have been doing the rounds, claiming to be part of the unrest, some claiming to showing foreigners being burned alive while others show chaos in various cities.

Most of the clips have proven to be either fake or old.

Trevor shared a clip of a journalist debunking some of the fake news that has gone viral locally and in other parts of Africa.

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“Social Media is the best and worst thing ever invented. If we don’t figure out how to curb fake information, we’re doomed,” Trevor captioned the video.

The comedian also shared footage of EFF leader Julius Malema condemning the attacks on foreigners

Malema warned that when South Africans have finished chasing foreigners out of the country, they will turn on each other, because there will be no foreigners to fight, but unemployment, poverty and hunger will remain.

“When you are done with Nigerians, Mozambicans, Zimbabweans, Zambians, you are going to go for Shangaans from Giyani… They’re going to say, ‘The reason we don’t have jobs here is because of these Zulus. They must go back to Natal… Xhosas must go back to Eastern Cape… Shangaans must go back to Limpopo.’ Because there will be no foreigners left to fight,” he said.

Trevor said he agreed with Julius’ views on xenophobia.

“I don’t always agree with Julius Malema but this statement on Xenophobic attacks in SA is perfect,” he wrote.