Some people always seem to have energy to burn, while others seem tired all the time. What’s the difference?

Well, at least part of it is to do with dietary choices. What you put in is what you get out. Eating the right ‘fuel’ for your body and its needs will help you function optimally. This is particularly important during times of stress – when you really need to have more energy available to get through the tough times. It’s not just about making sure your body has energy, but your brain too.

Here are some foods to eat for an energy boost, as well as some to avoid…

1. Boost: Oats

Oats (and other whole grain foods) are a great source of lasting energy, because they are high in fibre. This means they take longer to digest, thereby releasing the energy they contain more slowly, keeping you going for longer.

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Buzz-kill: Doughnuts

Doughnuts (and other refined, baked goods) are just a huge heap of simple sugars, with almost nothing healthy to offset them. They don’t contain any fibre, or vitamins, or minerals. These are NOT a good idea for energy, and even worse on a diet plan. AVOID.


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