Tshepi Vundla is the latest celebrity to open up about the abuse she suffered at the hands of an ex-boyfriend

The social media influencer shared her domestic violence story in the wake of several disturbing gender-based violence cases in South Africa.

She named fellow influencer and entrepreneur Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane as the ex who allegedly abused her.

Tshepi made the revelation after one of Tibz’s former friends, Sfiso Mthethwa, tweeted about a “dude” he used to consider a friend, who abused his girlfriend.

“Some of my friends and I have been very vocal about women abuse, but this week the elephant in the room has been how badly we have handled abuse in our own circles. I feel like such a hypocrite for being loud on Twitter but not so in our WhatsApp group friendships,” Sfiso tweeted.

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He added: “I have a dude I used to consider a friend that I’ve known since varsity who is amongst other things, an abuser. There was one particular incident where I didn’t particularly witness the abuse, but another friend saw it and for weeks we debated who was going to speak to him about it.”

Sfiso added that because he did not witness the abuse himself his friend told him it was not his place to confront the “dude”.

“This week I called the now ex-girlfriend because WOW I was struggling with that guilt. I told her I’m sorry I kept quiet when I could have said something all those years ago. She really could have been killed because of our cowardly behaviour,” he wrote.

Sfiso did not mention the “dude” or Tshepi by name, because he wanted the ex-girlfriend to speak about the alleged abuse when she was ready.

Tshepi replied to Sfiso’s Twitter thread by revealing the identity of the man

“His name is Tebello Eugene Motsoane aka Tibz,” she replied.

Boity was one of many Twitter users who applauded her for speaking out.

“We are proud of you and we believe you!” she tweeted.

Tshepi’s current boyfriend, JR, also sent her a loving message.

“I’m sorry baby @tshepivundla. I’m happy you have built up the courage and have found your voice! This has now become yours and many others story to tell, we WILL be held accountable to our actions. WE believe you, WE love you and we STILL support you.”

Tibz reacted to the tweets with a thread of his own

He says says he never hit Tshepi but admitted they were in a “toxic relationship”.

“For years I was in a toxic and public relationship with Tshepi Vundla. In this relationship, I know realize that I was abusive… but never ever physically. Through my disrespect, I hurt her many times and that is emotional and mental abuse,” he tweeted.

Tibz claimed in another tweet that she was the one who got physical with him.

“Because of the climate in the country, I didn’t want to do this and whether or not it makes me look weak, I’m ready to state that Tshepi Vundla used to physically abuse me. I’ve been slapped, scratched, pushed, sworn at and had my mother sworn at. Never have I retaliated.”

He added that he was willing to take a lie detector test to back his claims.

Tibz received flak for his thread, with many claiming he was not telling the whole story.

He refused to back down and insisted Tshepi hit him during their relationship but said he would apologise to her for abusing her emotionally.