Sitting down, only to find some inconsiderate soul has stuck a hidden wad of chewing gum to the seat, is one of the most dispiriting clothing mishaps you can have…

Not only does it spoil your look-of-the-day, but it can be close to impossible to get off later.

The largest part of the issue is chewing gum’s sticky, resilient gum texture. That’s why most attempts to remove it in its normal state end in failure – and even more of your clothes covered in gum.

The most efficient way to remove gum from fabric is to pop the garment in the freezer until the gum has had time to chill

This changes the gummy texture to something harder and fragile, allowing you to (gently) scrape off the bulk of the gum instead of merely smearing it deeper into the fibres of the cloth.

Still not the most joyous of tasks, but way better than throwing away good clothes in despair!

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For furniture or other items you can’t place in a freezer, try wrapping an ice cube in a cloth and pressing it to the mess until it gets hard. Then you should similarly be able to peel it off carefully.

While discovering accidental gum on your clothes is never going to be fun, at least you now know how to remove it for good!