Raw egg may well be one of the most annoying substances in the world to clean up…

Capable of setting like concrete if you miss a spot, it’s just all-around awkward to deal with.

And if you happen to spill on the stove- well, that hideous burning stench will be enough to make you give up on cooking for the day.

Not any longer! We’ve got the simple secret to mop up raw egg in a flash…and it couldn’t be easier or cheaper

All you need to do is throw some fine-ground salt on the mess.

Rock salt won’t do – for this, you want the fine stuff. It will soak up all of the raw egg, hassle-free.

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All you need to do now is to sweep it into the trash can and wipe up. No smell, no remnants to scrape off, and not a single hassle at all!

Don’t let a broken egg ruin your day ever again, with this simple clean-up trick!