You’ve probably seen a recipe or two advise that you ‘leave the pot uncovered’ for a certain length of time. It seems like such a small thing to matter, and yet whether the pot is covered or not can have a profound effect on cooking…

Firstly, understand that covering the pot has a similar effect to turning up the heat. Why? Because it traps heat under the lid and near the water. This means it can be an effective way to cut down on the time needed for the pot to boil.

Great news, if you’re just looking for speed. However, if you’re following an actual recipe, this can have quite an impact on the cooking time – and not following instructions could lead to a culinary oops.

In these cases, it’s best to follow the instructions meticulously, and leave the pot uncovered if you are advised to.

Who would have thought such a small thing could have a big impact on cooking times?

With this knowledge under your belt, however, you’ll get your recipes right first time, every time.

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