Consider paying cash for food items so that you are not tempted to make unnecessary food purchases that could increase your calorie intake for the day.

Keep your weight-loss goal in mind the next time you go shopping for your weekly food items. Start by making a shopping list. Write down the food items that would want to purchase and the quantity required. Thereafter calculate the estimated cost of the item. Do this for your entire shopping list so that you will be able to work out the approximate amount of money that you will need to take along with you.

When you do go shopping, take your list and the cash value that you will need to pay for the food items. Opt to take a few extra rands with you, but not too many. Select the items on your shopping list only. Do not allow yourself to buy any other items that isn’t on your list. You will not have the money to pay for them anyway!

Make sure that you leave your credit card at home or in the car so that you are not tempted to use it. If you take it along with you, you will be tempted to use it to pay for food items that are not on your shopping list. This could be disasterous to your weight-loss journey especially if the foods are high in calories.

Stay in control of your spending and the foods you eat. Don’t allow yourself room for unnecessary sweet indulgences.

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