Here are two simple suggestions that may help you to reduce your purchases of junk foods.

Use a shopping basket

Consider using a shopping basket instead of a trolley when you go out shopping. You will only be able to carry a limited amount of groceries and food products in a shopping basket. This can help prevent you from filling your basket up with unnecessary junk food items first as it will leave you with no or little space for healthy foods.

In addition, you may be able to burn more calories by carry a heavy shopping basket as opposed to gently pushing a trolley around. You may find that you would need to use another shopping basket if the first one isn’t sufficient to hold all the items that you need to purchase. This can further help you to burn more calories as you will be exerting more effort.

Set yourself a time limit

Consider setting yourself a time limit in which to complete your shopping and be back home. This can help prevent you from browsing on items that you may not really need and more so from buying them! It can also help you from buying high calorie snacks and beverages that may be too tempting to resist.

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Go on, give it a try! You may be pleasantly surprised as to how much you time, money and especially calories you can save!

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