It’s been a week of tears, pain and anger for South Africans

Several high-profile cases of rape and murder have highlighted the safety concerns facing women and children daily.

Some of the horror stories include the rape and murder of Cape Town student Uyinene Mrwetyana, the fatal shooting of boxing champ Leighandre ‘Baby Lee’ Jegels, and the murder of avid horse rider Meghan Cremer, who was found with her hands tied up after she went missing in August.

A Durban mother is also in mourning after her four children, aged between four and 16, were hanged, allegedly by her husband whom she was in the process of divorcing.

The hashtag “men are trash” has been trending along with “Am I Next?” and “Me Too”.

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While some men have taken issue with being grouped with those who are committing heinous crimes against women, several male celebrities are speaking out to condemn femicide


Siv Ngesi

Actor and comedian Siv Ngesi leads calls for a total shutdown of South Africa to address femicide.

“All men/womxn, should down tools for a day and shut this country down! The war against our women and children is at a place that we should all be disgusted! Let’s all take it to the streets and everyone take a stand! Or will you wait until it’s someone you know or care about!” he tweeted.

Danny K

Danny K has been doing his bit to fight crime in SA for years now. He started Shout SA with fellow musician and friend, Kabelo Mabalane, in 2007. The initiative was aimed at creating a safer South Africa for all. Shout SA also places mobile libraries in poor communities.

Danny K took to Twitter following the shocking stories of attacks against women to call for action.

“Tough day in SA. Lots to feel depressed about but it’s times like this we need to strengthen our resolve. Demand accountability + action from those in positions of power, and find the motivation and energy to make a positive contribution. [SA] is worth fighting for,” he tweeted.

The Shout SA Twitter page also weighed in.

“Like many men we are appalled, disgusted & ashamed of those men who are abusing, trafficking, raping, murdering women. Men must be the ones to lead the change. Stand Up brothers. Our grandmothers & mothers raised us far better than how we are behaving. It’s up to us #femicide.”

Khaya Mthethwa

Khaya Mthethwa, who became a father for the first time in 2019, urged men to help protect for all women, not just the ones in their families.

“My job as a man is to protect all women and children not just those that bear my surname. If we have this mind no one will just get away with abuse!” he tweeted.

He also shared a prayer for SA.