Don’t throw your old t-shirt away just yet. This week we show you DIY queens how to remodel an old tee into something new and fab

Old t-shirts can be made new again with a few DIY tricks. Here’s how you can save some money and get creative with t-shirts.

Iron on badges or patches

Enamel badges, R69.99, Cotton On

Disney enamel badge, R79.99, Cotton On

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Badges or fabric patches can be easily ironed or pinned on clothing and they’re great for covering up holes. This is the easiest way to reinvent an old tee.

Tiny little bows

So here’s a super cute way to reinvent your tee. Attach little bows down the back of your t-shirt. You should be able to find these at any arts and crafts store. Alternate different colour bows and wear this new tee with your favourite pair of jeans.

Attach a collar

Stores that sell materials and fabrics usually have pieces like collars as well. You can attach a collar to your tee to create the cutest new shirt.

Safety first

Write a cool slogan on a plain tee using safety pins. Not only will this look totally rock ‘n roll but you can change the slogan or use different colours and sizes of safety pins, reinventing your t-shirt every time you wear it.

Make a crop top

The easiest way to rework a t-shirt is by turning it into a crop top. You can cut and sew your t-shirt or if sewing is not your forte, just pull it up to crop top length and tie a knot.