It’s almost time to officially bring those tootsies out of hibernation, so find out what you need to do to get your feet sandal ready…

The days are getting longer and the sun is feeling warmer, which means one thing: it’s almost time to get those feet out of hibernation.

Yip, we can finally start packing away those super snug boots and give those stylish sneakers a rest and think about giving those pretty sandals a walk around, but not before you give those feet the TLC they almost certainly need.

There’s no denying that most of us neglect our feet during the colder months – out of sight, out of mind, right?! – so it’s time to pretty them up before putting them on display. Here’s what you need to do to get your feet summer ready.

Book a pedi!

You work hard and you’re just generally awesome, which means you deserve to treat yourself! Why not let the professionals do the really tough work (those feet could require some serious elbow grease!) and give you your first pedicure of the season?

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There really is no better way to get your feet sandal ready then sitting back and relaxing, while a professional who knows exactly what to do gets the job done, finishing it off with a pretty paint.

Most salons offer a variety of pedi options, and this would be the perfect time to select the more intense treatment, getting rid of all that hard, dead skin, cuticle issues and grime, and then you just need maintain their work.

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Just like the rest of your body, your feet also need to be moisturized – something most of us just don’t even think about!

The perfect time to do this is just before you get into bed; lather your feet with some Vaseline, body butter or a foot mask and then throw on some socks, locking in the moisture and preventing your cream from going all over your sheets!

If sleeping in socks is not an option for you, remove them after 15 minutes, but leave them on all night if possible – they’ll feel super soft and smooth in the morning!


Your feet take quite a beating, and all that walking around, together with the rubbing of shoes, causes a build up of hard, dead skin, which needs to be removed.

Use your body scrub twice a week to regularly remove the dead skin, and give that pumice stone or foot file (a cool electronic one makes the job easier!) to get rid of any calluses and smooth away hard skin.

Clean those nails!

It’s another seemingly obvious thing we forget to do, but your feet are on the ground, which means they are exposed to plenty dirt which gathers under the nails, so you need to get under there before it causes an infection.

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Cuticle cure

Before you paint your pretty toenails, be sure to do some cuticle work, softening and pushing them all the way back, as the longer you leave them, the more they grow over your toes… and no amount of nail polish can solve that unsightly problem!