We’ve all done it at least once, no matter how careful we are…

Preparing the chilli for a tasty evening meal…and then using our phone, rubbing our eyes, or otherwise forgetting our chilli-soaked hands despite having scrubbed them well. Ouch!

Here’s a quick and simple way to avoid the issue in the future. Grab your cooking oil, and apply a fine coating to your hands before you chop your chillies.

You can do the same with the knife blade if you wish, too. This prevents your hands from absorbing any of the chilli oil itself.

A quick scrub when you’re done is all you need to get everything off your hands – no more accidental stings!

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If you do happen to get chilli oil on your hands, eyes or mucous membranes, remember that water will make the problem worse.

That’s because the capsicum which stings is only oil-soluble, and will not ‘melt’ into the water to rinse away. Rather use milk to rinse the area. The casein protein in milk soaks up the capsaicin, allowing it to be carried away from your skin and stop irritating it.

With this trick however, stinging eyes from chillies will be a thing of the past.