Many of us are guilty of not changing our bedding often enough. Yet, the recommended interval is once per week!

Here are a few tips to make the task easier, and help you stay on top of this often neglected chore…

Does changing your bedding really matter?

Yes, it does. Our beds are a trap for sweat, bacteria and shed skin cells as we sleep every night. In fact, dirty pillowcases are a top cause of skin issues like acne!

Plus, nothing feels quite as good as slipping into cool, fresh sheets, does it?

Keep spares

Make the bedding laundry load a lighter one by keeping at least two sets of basics like sheets and pillowcases.

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Those suffering from skin issues may want to take that to the max, and grab a cheap, fresh pillowcase for every day of the week!

That way, you can manage your laundry load more regularly, but still reap the benefit of frequent bedding changes.

Cooling cotton

You should always wash your sheets and pillowcases in a warm wash, to keep them hygienic. Blankets, quilts and coverlets, however, can be washed on a cool cycle to prevent shrinkage and keep them looking great for longer.

Regularly washing your bedding will help you keep a positive mental state, feel more rested, and ensure your bedroom remains a restful haven.