If the smell of last week’s fish is still in your microwave, and nothing you do is helping, this trick may be just what you’re looking for…

We’ve all been there. Coffee grounds and bicarb aren’t budging it. Steam cleaning the microwave barely worked. Kitty litter has no chance. And no matter what you use it for now, the lingering smell of haddock permeates the air. It’s why fish is so often on the banned list for work and communal microwaves, after all!

Yet fish is a tasty, healthy dish that can conveniently be prepared in a microwave. So how do you do banish that smell from the microwave for good, without having to give up on your healthy eating?

Wet a cotton dishcloth, and get it soapy. Heat the rag for a minute or two, monitoring carefully, in the microwave. Leave the rag to sit in the microwave for another half an hour.

Then open it up, wipe down the walls with the rag, and use a separate cloth to rinse. While this method doesn’t clean baked-on grime the way the steaming method does, it’s far better for busting unpleasant smells.

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Never suffer a stinky microwave again with this simple trick.