Get ready for an ethereal, chic and ladylike look, flirty and feminine fashion is on trend! Learn how to pull off the trend perfectly…

Yes its true! A figure-flattering, flowing look is a must-have this season. We share our top tips to nail the look. Check it out now.

Focus on the fabric

This look is best achieved by opting for soft, flowing fabrics that drape over your curves. The best options include silk, satin, chiffon, mesh and lace. The trick is to select pieces that highlight your waist and enhance your curves.

Good choices include dresses, blouses, playsuits and skirts as they form the best base for the look. When it comes to getting the look right, a-line shapes and three quarter length elements work best.

The devil is in the details

Details are key with this look. Think ruffles and pleats and embellishments such as embroidery or pearls. You can also take things up a notch by choosing strategically placed bows to play up the femininity of the look. Another option is to use accessories like satin sashes, lace headbands and pearl jewellery to add another dimension to your look.

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Yellow is such a happy color

Play with prints

Pastel colours are the perfect basis for this trend as are soft, delicate nude shades. But you can take things to new heights by going for bold colours instead. Green, yellow, pinks and blue are an excellent choice for spring. When it comes to prints, floral options lead the list followed closely by retro polka dots and paisley prints. Another option is to opt for geometric and abstract prints instead.

Consider some volume

Because the look is quite delicate, you can opt for voluminous elements to enhance it further. For instance, statement sleeves are a chic choice to enhance your look as are full skirts. You can also experiment with co-rods.

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