Spring has sprung and we’re taking our fashion tips from Mother Nature herself. Whatever your tastes, there’s a floral pattern out there for you.

Whether you’re bold or delicate, feisty or whimsical, there is a floral print that’s perfect for you. We’ve picked a bunch of our favourite blooming prints and can’t wait to join the spring blossoms in full bloom.

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Big and bold

If you aren’t into florals, you might feel differently about larger prints with fewer flowers. Large floral motifs are a bold statement and1 a long-standing trend with good reason.

People who find patterns unflattering can also find a floral refuge in larger prints – they are the one size fits all of floral prints.

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Pretty in paisley

It’s either you love it or you hate it. Paisley is one of those unapologetic patterns that flow in and out of fashion, but never out of style.

Paisley may not be on-trend at the moment, but it is still a beautiful print. Buying paisley now is a statement of personal taste.


Classic florals

Classic florals are the ultimate feminine pattern and practically giggle with whimsical charm.

With modern patterns, designs and creative material, even classic florals can be modern and add a soft touch to edgy outfits.

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Teeny tiny flowers

Teeny tiny flowers scattered across an outfit give it an instant bohemian or vintage appeal. This floral pattern works well as a multi-coloured design and can add a dash of colour and personality to your outfit.

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Wearing the whole garden

When you think floral, flowers are the obvious thing that comes to mind. A great way to wear florals is to choose patterns that not only feature flowers but also leaves and all the other things that go with flowers – just as nature intended.