The recent rape and murder of South African women and children has resulted in many women, including celebrities, opening up about their personal horror story

It’s not the first time they have bravely told their stories.

Stars like Amanda du-Pont, Tumi Morake, Criselda Kananda-Dudumahashe and Ntsiki Mazwai have spoken about their sexual and physical abuse ordeals in the past.

Amanda was raped by an ex-boyfriend, while Ntsiki Mazway revealed she was sexually assaulted by Sipho ‘Brickz’ Ndlovu.

Here are five famous victims of abuse who shared their story in recent years


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Nina Hastie

During an episode of Zaziwa, Nina revealed that she has been raped three times. She says the perpetrators raped her body but that won’t stop her spirit. “I speak to women, and I want them to know that they are allowed to live. No matter what happened in their past. Look how making one decision changed my whole life,” she said.

Nina is one of many women demanding action, following the latest rape and murder stories.

“I thought I wasn’t triggered. I thought I was desensitized. I realize that I’ve been triggered for so long that this is just my state,” she tweeted this week.


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Thickleeyonce revealed this week that she was threatened by a recent ex-boyfriend.

“He told me he’d kill me and no one would find my body. He had said this to me several times but something about how he grabbed my hand that last night I spent with him and how [he] said it confidently that made me believe him. Men are scary,” she wrote.

The popular influencer has also been sharing other women’s stories on her Twitter page.



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Entle Dambuza

Former YoTV presenter Entle Dambuza was raped in 2015 by an unknown man who attacked her in her bedroom. She woke up to find a man on top of her. It was the same man she had seen lurking at the entrance of her flats earlier.

“I felt my pants being ripped off and I felt myself being penetrated from the back and because I was on my stomach it was a bit harder for me to push him back. I felt the person climb into bed with me but because I slept with my friend on the same bed and she had just gone out to answer her phone, I thought maybe it was her coming back into bed. But to my surprise, when I realised what was happening, it was the guy from downstairs,” she told KayaFM.

She opened a case against the man but faced an uphill battle. The case was thrown out of court three times, with the suspect’s lawyers asking her questions like, “Did you scream? Did you tell somebody? Did you see his face?”.

Entle said in a separate interview that sadly the onus is on the victim to prove she was raped and not on the perpetrator to prove he did not. She has shared her story at numerous events, to let other victims know they are not alone.