It’s been a tough week for South Africa with stories of rape, murder and xenophobia making headlines

Moonchild Sanelly has joined scores of South African women in sharing personal stories of how they were sexually violated by men.

The recent rape and murder of Uyinene Mrwetyana has inspired women to speak out against gender-based violence in South Africa.

Uyinene was attacked when she went to the Post Office to find out about a parcel.

A 42-year-old Post Office employee has been arrested in connection with her murder.

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Moonchild was left heartbroken by Uyinene’s story. She shared a shocking story about how police handled her rape complaint

“One time I was sexually harassed by my uncle and went to report it with my friend Maps. The cops both male and women asked me what was I wearing and why did I dance with my uncle and that I should go home and talk about it with my family

“They took me in the van and drove me home,” she wrote.

Moonchild added in another post that, after dropping her off at home, the officers left.

“My uncle never even told my aunt coz he had threatened me at the time of the incident by saying we mustn’t tell my aunt what WE had done. He also threw in the fact that since my mom was gone, my varsity fees were expensive and we wouldn’t want to not go to school.”

The singer also revealed that her uncle is still alive and lives in Durban.

Her uncle was not the only family member who took advantage of her

“When I was younger my cousin Mbali would come for holidays! Every holiday he would touch my vagina and teach me to French kiss! I kept quiet thinking I was doing something wrong. Didn’t realise until I was older that I had been protecting a molester! I can’t say he’s doing good,” she wrote.

Moonchild also revealed that she was raped by a man who was once her lover

“That day I wore a tampon to make sure.  He took it out! His family was downstairs, so I kept quiet to protect him. It’s funny how the mind works in the moment!”

She added: “A colleague came and I told her what had happened! She said he had been trying with her too! So, because I was a side chick I kept quiet!

I went home and told him he had raped me! He said, ‘you’re a hoe so u f**ked me back coz u were on top’.”

Moonchild’s fans praised her for speaking about her ordeal and shared their own stories

“I have a similar story, older cousin from my dad’s side, when he’d visit, he’d always make us play this “game” where we’d hide under my bed and he’d kiss/touch me inappropriately. I was a kid, didn’t know it was wrong. Haven’t told my parents till this day,” one woman wrote.