Born in April 2017, in Buckinghamshire in the UK, Alice and Verity Castles are helping to raise awareness of genetic disorders…

The adorable pair have a tight bond – and are helping each other reach developmental milestones, one step at a time. Little Alice was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Prader-Willi syndrome just a month after she was born.

When mum, Charlotte Castles, delivered the twins by C-section, Verity was full of life, and showed all the usual signs of a healthy baby. However, Alice was limp and unresponsive. She had to be fed through a feeding tube as she was too weak to swallow. After weeks of tests, doctors diagnosed her with Prader-Willi syndrome which causes developmental and behavioural delays.

“The hardest part for me was learning that I would have to inject Alice with growth hormones every day – potentially for the rest of her life,” says Charlotte.

Alice also attends weekly physio appointments to help her live as normal a life as possible. But according to mum, Alice’s sister Verity is the biggest inspiration.

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“Verity pushes Alice to strive and is a constant reminder of where she can get to if she keeps pushing herself.”

Charlotte now works for Jeans for Genes to help raise awareness about genetic disorders.

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