There’s nothing quite like farm-fresh produce for taste, health and quality. If your own offerings from your garden (or that farmer’s market score) are still packed in earth, however, cleanup can be a pain…

This next trick may seem a little silly, but we assure you, it works perfectly for these occasions!

You can even use it on sneakers that have seen the worst of the summer mud, too.

Of course, before you start, run a rinse cycle of your dishwasher to make sure there’s no soap in the machine.

Then gently lay out the offending produce, and run another rinse cycle.

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The machine has the strength of flow to flush away the dirt you can’t loosen with a hand rinse, and won’t damage the veggies either like a scrubbing brush.

Just make sure to use a cool cycle so you don’t inadvertently cook soup in your dishwasher!

Sometimes it’s the most off-beat solutions that save the day, so keep this simple little trick up your sleeve for the next time mud gets the better of you, be it on your produce or your footwear.