If you’re a savvy shopper, chances are you’ve seen everything from ‘bra bags’ to ‘laundry bags’ advertised lately. Is this yet another gimmick, or something you should seriously consider? We take a look…

What is a laundry bag?

Laundry bags are simply mesh, zip-up bags. You place the garment in question into the bag, and pop it in the wash as normal

Doesn’t this prevent the item washing?

No. Provided you haven’t overstuffed the bag, your item will still get perfectly clean. That’s why these bags are made of open mesh.

What is the point of a laundry bag?

While different styles of laundry bags are meant to protect different garments, the result is the same for all of them.

They’re made to help you protect delicate, intricate laundry items, while still allowing the convenience of machine washing.

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By holding the item together as a separate ‘parcel’, you’re preventing the fabric from stretching out during the spin cycle, reducing pressure on the garment through all the wash cycles, and reducing friction with other clothing at the same time.

This helps prevent damage to delicate fabrics, reduces the likelihood of losing underwires, and cuts down on friction with other items in the wash.

A garment bag is a secret weapon all savvy home lovers should use to keep their delicates looking great.