Abuse and violence against women have reached crisis levels in South Africa, and women need to fight back. But if we are unfortunate enough to be a victim, here’s where to find FREE legal help…

Domestic abuse and violence is demoralising on many levels. One of the most intimidating aspects for victims is understanding what their rights are and how they can find help. The Warrior Project, established earlier this year, is a free online portal providing victims with access to information and resources available to assist them.

“Our legal helpline is managed by women who have empathy for the complexity of domestic abuse cases”

“Our legal helpline is managed by women who have empathy for the complexity of domestic abuse cases,” says Adv Jackie Nagtegaal of LawForAll, which powers The Warrior Project’s legal helpline.

“Involving the law often feels daunting and final, but we see it as an empowering step to knowledge to ensure that women make decisions right for themselves. Speaking to a lawyer can help you unpack your options, it helps you find clarity and understanding. By consulting one of the women who are dedicated to this line, they will answer and guide you, but the power and decisions still lie with you.”

While the legal route may not be the right path for everyone, having an understanding of what it entails is important for any victim as she works out what will work best for her family.

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#SAShutdown – National outcry over crimes against women and children

“At The Warrior Project, we believe that, once someone has educated herself on the topic, she is no longer a victim, she is a warrior,” says Yvonne Wakefield, founder of The Warrior Project. “Even before she takes a single step towards resolution, once she has knowledge, she is stronger.”

The Warrior Project free legal helpline (0860 333 353), supported by experienced female lawyers who speak a number of South African languages, is the first of its kind in South Africa.