4.     Eat the right ‘sweets’

Whether you’re looking for a snack or preparing a dessert, nature has provided the right stuff as far as sweet foods go.

Fruit is sweet, tasty, and HEALTHY. It does contain sugar, but it’s not the same as the refined table-kind. The sugar in fruit is more usable for your body, and it’s also contained in food that requires more digestive processing, so it gets used. You can also make fruits even sweeter by grilling or baking them.



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5.     Don’t be tempted by ‘sugar-free’ foods

‘Sugar-free’ foods are everywhere nowadays, and they are seriously tempting, because they are super sweet, without the “evil sugar”.

But they can actually be counterproductive, because their sweetness can make you crave the sugar you aren’t getting, and that can easily lead to a binge. The best option, if you’re craving something sweet, is fruit.

The second best is a small piece of 70% or over dark chocolate.

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