2.     What’s in a name?

While we’re reading the ingredients label, you also want to be aware of the various clever names that sugar is sold under. It used to be that sugar was called ‘sugar’. But now, names such as ‘glucose’, ‘galactose’, ‘evaporated cane juice’, ‘fruit juice concentrate’ and ‘barley malt’ are all used for sugar.

This is a clear effort to hide the ingredient so you think the product is healthier. Don’t fall for it.


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3.     Drink your hot drinks the right way

We all love a good cup of tea or coffee… or three… or four.

BUT if you drink numerous cups of hot drinks per day, with sugar in each, then you are adding a LOT of unnecessary calories to your daily intake. Start to cut down, and eventually try not to add ANY sugar to your hot drinks. Do it over time, slowly reducing the sugar until you’re used to the real taste of your drink of choice. You’ll actually enjoy it once you’re accustomed to the new taste.

A good friend of mine has a good way of handling her hot drinks ‘sweet’ craving. To get a good kick out of her morning cuppa, she adds two spoons of sugar to her coffee, and then doesn’t have any sugar in her hot drinks for the rest of the day. If you REALLY need a boost in the morning to get the day going, then that’s one way to do it.


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