Copper has a sultry gleam it’s hard to resist. Yet, it also has a reputation as difficult to clean – requiring a ton of unpleasant chemicals…

With copper pans now all the rage, that’s probably the last thing you want near your food preparation surfaces! The good news? A pantry staple will get the job done faster and better.

All you need is a soft cloth and some tomato sauce to restore that shine for good.

If you feel like you need a little extra cleaning power, add some salt for a gentle abrasive.

Gently work the blend over the surface without pressing or scratching, allow it to sit for a few minutes, and rinse clean. No smelly chemicals needed!

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If you’re noticing dark stains on your copper pans, however, a different approach is needed.

These are left when cooking excessively starchy meals, especially if they boil dry.

The water gets ‘boiled out’ of the carbs, leaving only carbon behind.

Carbon bonds incredibly well with copper, unfortunately The only way to remove these dark stains is through manual buffing.

Keeping your copper gleaming needn’t be a chore with this simple strategy.