As we ease into the rainy season for much of the country, you’re probably going to need your tumble dryer more than ever…

Now is the ideal time to take a few minutes for some routine maintenance of this key home helper. Not only will it help it run more efficiently, saving you money, but will also ensure the safety of your family.

A full lint trap is a fire hazard

Combined with the heat from the dryer itself, a stuffed lint trap can easily catch alight. Make sure you regularly check the lint trap, and clear away the fuzzies before they become a fire hazard.

Once a year, give the whole machine, any outlet pipes or vents, and the filter a thorough clean too.

Be a lightweight

If you want to be the most energy-efficient you can while using your tumble dryer, plan your loads as follows:

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Lightweight, quick-drying items should always go in first. This cuts the risk of shrinkage from them, and also pre-heats the dryer for heavier, longer loads. 

Small loads use less energy

It may seem counter-intuitive, but having a few more small loads saves energy. Larger, crammed, dryer loads need more heat to dry, and heat doesn’t penetrate properly.

This strategy relieves stress on the drum as well, helping your machine to a longer working lifespan.

Just in case you needed extra incentive to stick to smaller loads, it also cuts down on wrinkling, too!

A clean, serviced dryer runs safer and better. Pair that up with some smart dryer management tips, and you have a recipe for convenience that doesn’t break the bank!