Blackpink is in the area and they are taking over the music and style scene

Blackpink is a K-Pop band loved by the internet with over seven billion views on YouTube. The group is becoming more and more popular with English fans and so is their style. Here’s how you can get just like the stylish Blinks (Blackpink fans) all over the world.

Meet Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa

The four foxy ladies of K-Pop girlband, Blackpink are taking over the music scene and they are always seen in the hottest outfits.

Mad for plaid

The girls of Blackpink absolutely love plaid. The girls mix and match different types of plaid to create fabulous fun, youthful looks.

Found at sea

Blackpink embrace their inner sailor with nautical inspired pieces. Think lots of stripes, high waists and all blue everything.

Black and pink (of course)

The girls are called Blackpink for a reason. Pink and black are a super cute combo and these colours give a nod to the name that has made these ladies famous.

Wild style

Animal print is the secret sauce of almost every fashionable musician. What would we do without a little bit of leopard print?

Short and sweet

Blackpink never shy away from showing off their pins. Not only do shorts and mini-skirts work great for performing complex dance moves, but they are a must have for our South African heat.

Feminine and fab

Clothing is totally unisex these days and we love that but Blackpink tend to stick to traditionally feminine types of clothes – babydoll dresses in pretty pastel colours are a fave.

Tomb Raiders

Anything you would see on Lara Croft, best believe you will see on Blackpink. Think suspenders and straps everywhere, utility shorts, vests and even Lara Croft hair.