It doesn’t matter if you are a baking diva, a great home chef or simply love your crafts, we’ve all been faced with that stick measuring cup still goopy with ingredients to clean…

Not with this simply trick up your sleeves, however!

The problem with sticky ingredients, especially sticky baking ingredients, is that they cling to the cup just as easily as they will to the final mix.

Not only can this make your measurements inaccurate, it makes for an unpleasant clean-up afterwards.

Be sure to always keep a tin of sprayable cooking oil on hand, however, and it’s a problem you’ll never have again.

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Simply spray a fine layer into the cup before you measure

The ingredient will slide right back out, and the cooking oil won’t affect it in any way either. All you’ll have is the exact amount you want, when you want it, where you want it – and no messy scrubbing job afterwards!