Laundry can easily get out of hand, especially if you have a larger family. Here are a couple of simple strategies to help you manage the load more efficiently, leaving you more time for things you love…

Choose your time

Try to find a time when doing laundry will work for you, even if it’s not a ‘classic’ laundry day. Putting a load on before you go to bed every night is much better than never getting on top of the chore at all!

Split the burden

A great way to make laundry less of a tiresome chore is to split the loads by type. You could, say, do your work clothes on a Sunday, the kids on a Saturday, and towels on a Wednesday. That gives you less to sort, remember and worry about with each run.


Laundry is one of the few chores you can multitask with and still be efficient. Spend five or 10 minutes sorting and loading it, and then you have a chunk of time to spend elsewhere before you next need to give it attention.

If you think you’ll forget the load, however, and make laundry day drag out too long, set a timer on your phone to remind you.

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Get the family to pre-sort

Even better, make sure you never have to sort laundry again. While it will take a little extra space to make sure you can presort your laundry into different hampers, it will save a whole lot of time going forward.

While laundry will probably never be your favourite task, these simple tips will keep it running as smoothly as possible.