Have you ever noticed that fine layer of – for lack of a better word – gunk that seems to accumulate around the handles of your kitchen cupboards?

It’s especially problematic if you don’t happen to have a stove hood to filter grease out of the air, as that’s exactly what causes it – the very fine, atomised particles of oil from your cooking endeavours land on surfaces and trap dirt.

What may surprise you even more is that the best way to fight it is… with more oil!

That’s why our DIY gunk-buster is made from one part oil and two parts bicarbonate of soda.

The oil will dissolve much of the gunk, leaving it easier to wipe away.

It’s a simple scientific principle that ‘like dissolves like’, even though cleaning with oil may feel counter-intuitive.

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Meanwhile, the bicarb will act as a gentle abrasive to lift it all away safely.

  • Simply spread the paste and gently work it into the surface.
  • If the area is heavily soiled (like baking trays), leave it to work for an hour or two.
  • When you’re done, wipe away with a soapy cloth.

Beat the grungy layer of oil keeping your kitchen from looking it’s best with this simple, yet effective, cleanser.