It’s been proven that children who eat better, tend to perform better at school

With the second half of the school year in full swing, you may be wondering how to fill in the missing nutritional links that could be holding your child back from reaching his or her full potential…

Children who eat better, tend to perform better at school

Children need fuel to grow, to play and most importantly, to learn. In fact, it’s been proven that children who eat better, tend to perform better at school. This is because they have enough energy (the good kind) and brain support to focus during school hours, participate in extra-curricular activities and complete homework once they’re at home.

Proper nutrition can sometimes be a real challenge

Yet, proper nutrition can sometimes be a real challenge as we balance the nutritional needs of our children with foods that they will actually eat (yes, there’s a picky eater in every family!).

Plus, let’s be real; getting balanced, healthy snacks and home-cooked meals on the table (and in our children’s tummies) is not always possible.

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How do we fill in the gaps?

Instead of begging, bribing and force-feeding your way through snack and meal times, you could consider a vitamin and mineral supplement.

Supplements are a no-fuss way to fill in any nutritional gaps

Whether you choose to cover your child’s bases with a good multi-vitamin or target individual vitamins and minerals that you suspect they might be lacking in – supplements are a no-fuss way to fill in any nutritional gaps.

Not know where to start? We’ve outlined six vitamin and mineral supplements for smart kids below:

6 Vitamin and mineral supplements for smart kids

  1. Iron: Iron is an “essential nutrient for making haemoglobin, a key component of red blood cells that transports oxygen throughout the body”. If your child is low on iron, he could be low on energy, experience bouts of dizziness and irritability. Depleted iron levels could also lead to cognitive and behavioural deficits and delays.
  2. Vitamin D: Vitamin D is essential for the development of strong, healthy bones and teeth!
  3. Magnesium: Is your child overly-grumpy or irritable? He could be deficient in magnesium! This superhero supplement can help children sleep better at night, relieve discomfort from growing pains and reduce anxiety.
  4. Zinc: Zinc is an important nutrient for growing bodies. It not only helps to boost the immune system, but works to combat colds and improve concentration.
  5. Omega-3s: Essential fatty acids found in Omega-3s help feed your child’s brain – and keep it healthy. Omega-3s also sharpen cognitive function and are essential for optimal eye function.
  6. Probiotics: According to research, our gut plays an important part in our overall wellness – and one of the simplest ways to influence gut health, is to take a probiotic. Probiotics (the live-kind are best) can help “relieve constipation, prevent secondary infections in kids using antibiotics and may even work to prevent eczema and allergies”!

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