Make your bed every morning! It’s a lesson that’s probably been drilled into you since childhood. There is one compelling reason, however, that a well-made bed could be harming your health. We take a closer look…

The downside of making your bed immediately

No one wants to share their bed with a host of creepy crawlies! Yet unfortunately, we do. Microscopic organisms we can’t even see flourish in our bed sheets, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Usually, these tiny beasts present no problem (even if they sound gross). 

When things go wrong, however, you see explosions of bedbugs, bacteria and other nasties, feeding on this yucky overgrowth.

All of these thrive in moist environments rich in skin cells to feed on – or, in other words, under your sheets after you’ve rolled out of them. 

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When you make your bed immediately, you also trap this moisture and heat under the sheets.

A messy bed, or one with the sheets pulled back, instead lets the bed air and dry out, keeping things more hygienic.

Both light and dry heat help keep these nasties at bay.

The positive mental effects of a made bed

That said, however, it’s been proven that a made bed has an instant positive effect on your mood. It also makes any bedroom more welcoming, and is the easiest thing you can do to make your house look cleaner right now.

The best balance, then, is to make the bed in the morning – but make sure you also allow space and time for the sheets to air.

Rather than leaving everything chaotically disorganised, straighten the sheets and pull down the top to allow air to circulate freely.

This way, you can have the best of both worlds – an aired, clean bed and a great looking home.